The Art of Zenovating

Learning is different today than what many of us as teachers thought it was all about. We defined learning as how we teach, what a classroom is supposed to be like, but we didn't define it from the learner's perspective.

All of us are learners. The world is changing and so should what we define as "School". Especially now with information being so readily available. Are we as teachers and administrators ready to take the challenge and "Let go?"

I found this article on Zenovate and wanted to share it with you:

Tom Hortel in this article explains that truly effective product development has to acknowledge and satisfy the emotional sides of a consumer's decision process while also providing them with a logical reason to believe. It's how we connect "what's needed" with "what's possible."

Involve students to look at solutions to problems and don't give them the solutions. It sounds easy but it's not for so many teachers. Read this article and see if some of the ideas will work for you or your teachers.

Barbara Bray, Educational Consultant,; President, My eCoach

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