The six-step plan for using your Web 2.0 voice to make a difference

The six-step plan for using your Web 2.0 voice to make a difference

Join (Week 1)
Start with the biggies. Join each of the following:

¦ Twitter
¦ Facebook
¦ Classroom 2.0
¦ Blogs you like

Lurk (Weeks 2, 3, 4)
¦ Take a look around.
¦ Watch.
¦ Learn.

Converse (Weeks 5+)
You’ve had a chance to get used to the norms, protocols, and procedures. You’re ready to say something. Here are some ways to get started:
¦ Reply on Twitter. Retweet. Participate in a chat, e.g., #edchat.
¦ Comment on or “like” a status update on Facebook.
¦ Participate in a Classroom 2.0 discussion.
¦ Comment on a blog.

Initiate (Sometime Within The First Six To 12 Months)
It’s time for you to get something started. Here are some ways to do that.
¦ Tweet.
¦ Update your status.
¦ Start a discussion.
¦ Contribute a guest post to a blog.

Launch (If You Feel Ready)
If you’ve engaged in all the previous steps, congrats! If you are ready to do even more, you may want to launch your own Web 2.0 presence on one of these outlets.
¦ a blog
¦ a learning network
¦ a Twitter chat
¦ a Facebook fan page
¦ a movement

Share/publish (LifeLong)
If you’ve engaged in most of the previous steps, you’re well on your way to establishing a digital footprint that shares your message. Ensure that the following are in place.
¦ You know what you stand for.
¦ You have a clear message to deliver.
¦ You find those an audience.

Lisa Nielsen is the creator of The Innovative Educator blog.