The Tech&Learning 100@30

The Tech&Learning 100@30

As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, Tech&Learning has compiled the first two of three lists of the 100 most important people: those leaders from the PAST who have shaped today's edtech environment, and those leaders from the PRESENT who have been instrumental in the creation and advancement of the use of technology in education. These first 60 honorees appear below, and we've enjoyed the online debates over the choices for this list.

We are now looking for nominees for our last and possibly most challenging list, the FUTURE. These will include

students doing ground-breaking work in edtech, young entrepreneurs shaping the future of edtech, and those teachers changing classrooms around the nation.

To nominate your candidate, take our Reader Poll, or email to make your case. Those selected will appear in our September back-to-school issue!

Evan Allred

Jay Bachhuber

Albert Bandura

Craig R. Barrett

Mark Bauerlein

Gina Bianchini
Benjamin S. Bloom

Amy Bruckman

Keith R Bujak

Richard Byrne

Jaime Carbonell

Karen Cator

G. Wayne Clough

Clayton M. Christensen

Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk

Andy Crozier

Linda Darling-Hammond

Chris Dede

Andrea diSessa

Arne Duncan

Elsa Eiriksdottir

Ntiedo “Nt” Etuk

Matt Federoff

LeRoy Finkel

James D. Finn

Karl Fisch

Robert Mills Gagné

Howard Gardner

Bill Gates
James Paul Gee

Al Gore

Buffy Hamilton

Dennis Harper

Mary Beth Hertz

Troy Hicks

Jill Hobson
Michael Horn

Ryan Imbriale
Henry Jenkins

Lisa Johnson
Steve Jobs
Dean Kamen

Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush
Neeru Khosla

Angus S. King Jr.

Nancy Knowlton

Robert Kozma

Julie LaChance

Eric Langhorst

Chris Lehmann

Tony Mangiacapre

Marshall McLuhan

Scott McNealy

M. David Merrill

Dan Meyer

Michael Milken

Sugata Mitra

Steven Mudrick

Jomo W. Mutegi

Nicholas Negroponte

Brian Nichols

Thuan Nguyen

Marleigh Norton

Alan November

Seymour Papert

Bob Pearlman

Matthew Peterson

Mathew A. Powers

Erin E. Reilly

Mitchel Resnick

Linda G. Roberts

Sir Ken Robinson

Allen V. Robnett

Roberto J. Rodríguez

Lenny Schad

Albert Shanker

Stephen Shapiro

Eric Sheninger

Burrhus Frederic “B.F.” Skinner

Gary Stager

Lajeane G. Thomas

David Thornburg

Joyce Valenza
Douglas E. Van Houweling

David Warlick

Jeannette M. Wing

Philip Tan Boon Yew

Julie Young