Time and money businesses partner to serve K12

Windsor Management Group (WMG), a K-12 provider of comprehensive financial and human resources business solutions, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with TimeClock Plus, maker of automated time and attendance solutions.

"Windsor Management Group is pleased to have formed this important partnership with TimeClock Plus," said Gary Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Windsor Management Group. "Our focus has always been to improve how school districts optimize and manage resources and this partnership will provide a unique and powerful consolidation of knowledge and expertise for the highest levels of efficiencies."

According to the partnership agreement, TimeClock Plus will provide its employee time and attendance solution for the K-12 client while WMG provides its financial and human resource management solutions, Infinite Visions.

"We are so excited about this partnership," said Carol Barton, Vice President of Sales at TimeClock Plus. "Infinite Visions has a great reputation in the K-12 market. We felt that if we were to align ourselves with any company and their product, they would need to offer the same commitment to quality and service that we provide. Windsor Management Group certainly fits the bill. Although we have worked together with many mutual clients, this partnership promises an even closer relationship between the two products which only means a better solution for the customer."