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  • Thirty-seven Tennessee schools will use online formative assessments, administered periodically throughout the school year, to get an early warning about which students may need additional help to keep them on track toward mastering the state’s required skills.
  • The Internet has made it a lot easier for students to find answers to their questions — either by searching its myriad resources or by going to any of hundreds of sites that offer some level of “homework help.†Read about some of the available options.
  • Technology’s steady advance has made the challenge of controlling students’ use of electronic gadgets — cell phones, handheld video games, MP3 players — during school time ever more difficult. Right now, compromise seems to offer the best solution.
  • Federal Way’s Internet Academy is located in a suburban Seattle strip mall, but it serves around 1.500 students statewide. And in a pattern that is being repeated nationwide, the Academy is expanding both its enrollment and course offerings annually.