T&L News(10)

  • An afterschool program that teaches computer programming, animation, Internet research and multimedia presentations has children begging for more. Learn how it works.
  • Jerry Mangus, recipient of the Department of Education’s most recent No Child Left Behind Act American Star of Teaching Award, runs his 5th and 6th grade classroom without any textbooks, relying on a variety of internet-based resources and software to cover his curriculum.
  • Although researchers say that the program engages students, helping them become computer literate and improving writing skills, parents in Fullerton complain that students are being segregated into groups of haves and have-nots.
  • Technology is used to support students learning in many different ways in the Culpeper County (VA) Public Schools, with applications that monitor student writing, administer early reading assessments, and let students wander the globe.
  • The Library of Congress is heading up an effort to create the World Digital Library, an online collection of rare books, manuscripts, maps, posters, stamps and other materials that would be freely accessible to anyone with Internet access.