T&L News(110)

  • A Classroom on Wheels
    The 90-minute ride home from school doesn't seem quite as long to some Arkansas students as they access the Internet while riding along.
  • We Have a Budget!
    Congress and President Bush have finally agreed on the Department of Education's FY 2008 budget, with the president signing off on a bill that increases total education spending by 2.9%.
  • Online Teens Get Creative
    Not only do teens spend a lot of time online, those that do tend to actively create content – blogging, sharing photos and videos and telling and talking about stories.
  • MIT Offers High School Resources
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has expanded its OpenCourseWare initiative, which makes all MIT course materials available for free on the Web, to high school.
  • Less TV and More Reading
    Parents are more actively monitoring their children's television use compared to their involvement in 1994, according to a study from the U.S. Census Bureau.