T&L News(120)

Week of: March 10, 2008

  • NACOL Releases Online Teaching Standards
    The North American Council for Online Learning has released a set of voluntary national standards for quality online teaching.
  • Underwater Robotics Program
    The Prince William County Schools will introduce an underwater robotics program to some 660 students attending the county's 10 high schools.
  • SC Launches Virtual School
    Students across South Carolina will be able attend school virtually this fall by enrolling in the South Carolina Connections Academy.
  • Students Save the Planet and Learn about Engineering
    To spur interest in math, science and engineering, IBM released PowerUp, a free multiplayer online game that challenges users to save the planet Helios from ecological disaster.
  • New Moon Map
    New tools have allowed NASA scientists to create the most detailed map ever of the moon's south lunar pole region.