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Week of: March 31, 2008

  • Technology Counts 2008
    Education Week released Technology Counts 2008, its annual review of the state of technology in American public schools, with a special focus on STEM education.
  • Preparing Future Teachers to Use Technology
    The University of Rhode Island's School of Education received $5.6 million to develop programs that ensure that its teacher education students are prepared to use technology effectively.
  • Video Sharing Sites for Schools
    While many schools block student access to YouTube, other video-sharing sites that contain material more appropriate for classroom use are emerging as alternatives.
  • Interactive Whiteboards Transform School
    Interactive whiteboards are transforming instruction at David Livingstone Elementary School in East Vancouver, engaging students and energizing teachers.
  • Suspended Animation?
    Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital used hydrogen sulfide to completely suspend the metabolism of mice, which were then revived without any apparent side effects.