T&L News(140)

Week of: August 4, 2008

  • Put to the Test:
    T&L Reviewer Joe Huber Test Drives the Turning Technologies ResponseCard
  • Five Ways to Use Video Equipment in Science Labs
    Science and computer teachers from the Convent/Stuart Hall of the Sacred Heart Elementary school in San Francisco, shares the following ways they use video in their labs.
  • Web Site We Like: Online Tool Evaluates Denver Students
    Denver Public Schools' School Performance Framework is an interesting model that allows the district to see how much of an impact the schools are having on their students from year to year.
  • Good Idea: Coupons for Tech Dollars
    If bake sales aren't raising enough money for your school's extra tech, a coupon-based fundraising program makes an interesting option.
  • Interview with MIT's Mitch Resnick
    Mitchel Resnick is a researcher, inventor and professor at MIT's Media Laboratory in Cambrige Massachusetts. He is also the founder of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT. Mitchel is the lead innovator behind many cutting edge learning technologies for children including the Computer Clubhouse, PicoCrickets, and the wonderfully successful consumer product, Lego Mindstorms.