T&L News(18)

  • If You Build It, Will They Come?
    Phoenix Union’s new Cyber High School is a virtual school with a twist. Students will come to the $1.2 million building for their virtual classes, allowing them to take advantage of its cutting edge technology without having to own their own computer.
  • UK Committed to School Technology
    Despite facing questions and problems similar to those that American schools struggle with, the British government remains committed to its vision of technology as a primary tool for school reform. Learn more. Also read what Terry Freedman, our blogger from the UK, has to say.
  • Middle Schools Students Get Real-World Lab
    Students at CA’s Maywood Middle School are getting the chance to work on real-world problems in collaborative teams, thanks to a new, state-of-the-art Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) Lab.
  • District Pilots Online Tutoring.
    The Greater Johnstown School District is piloting the use of an online tutoring service that may eventually be available to students throughout Pennsylvania. Through January 27, Johnstown students can access tutoring sessions through the Pennsylvania Department of Education web site.
  • Working on Stardust
    Using home computers and a virtual microscope, volunteers will help search more than 1.6 million individual fields of view, looking for the particles of interstellar dust that the Stardust spacecraft collected on its seven-year journey.