TL News(2)

  • More teachers in the Fauquier County Public Schools are using technology regularly with students, thanks to a matrix that allows them to find software that address the skills their students are expected to master. Learn more about Fauquier’s technology integration efforts.
  • The Beaufort County (SC) Public Schools have a long-standing commitment to technology, including a policy of upgrading the technology infrastructure at all county schools to be sure that all students are able to use the latest technology tools.
  • The first step in implementing the Portsmouth (NH) School Department’s new three-year technology plan will be the hiring of a new technology director, a position the School Board eliminated in 2004, only to spend a year fielding complaints about technology problems.
  • Teachers planning to offer an online course through the new Montana Schools E-Learning Consortium are waiting to see if the required 15 students sign up for the new program, designed specifically to meet the needs of the state’s rural students. Learn more about MSELC.
  • Discussions about a “clean slate†internet among network architects could result in a completely new internet architecture. The Global Environment for Networking Investigations, or GENI, will include a research grant program to fund new architectures and an experimental facility.