T&L News(24)

  • Educational Technology Trend Report
    The State Educational Technology Directors Association has released the “2006 National Trends Report,†the third of a series of national surveys designed to answer questions about the implementation of NCLB II D – the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    The Baltimore County School Board is considering the purchase of "sound enhancement" systems - wireless microphones and speakers designed to distribute a teacher's voice evenly around the classroom.
  • Distance Learning Growth Is Both Good and Bad News
    The good news is that distance learning in Colorado is really beginning to catch on, offering more options to the state’s students, especially in sparsely populated areas. The bad news is that the growth has caught policy makers by surprise and is putting pressure on the state budget.
  • New Technologies Support Classroom Instruction
    Some Minnesota teachers are singing the praises of interactive whiteboards and student response systems, noting that they improve teaching and appear to result in greater student achievement. But finding the dollars to purchase these new technologies can be a real problem.
  • Low Income Residents To Benefit from the DC’s Wireless Plans
    The District of Columbia plans to give the contract for the city’s wireless municipal network to the company that does the most for its 100,000 low-income residents, including services beyond free network access.