TL News(3)

  • When Angus King was Governor of Maine he launched the nation’s first statewide laptop program for the state’s 7th and 8th graders. Now he’s raising money to pay for Internet access for participating families can’t afford it on their own, helping to narrow the state’s digital divide.
  • The student-operated help desk at Kentucky’s Pike County Central High School has responded to more than 50,000 calls since its launch in 1998. Students resolve simple problems over the phone or by e-mail and refer more complicated issues to the district’s staff of technicians.
  • Teachers at Delaware’s East Millsboro Elementary School are finding that using interactive whiteboards in their classrooms help students pay attention and focus on the lesson at hand. Read more about how the whiteboards are used.
  • Venice High School in Florida’s Sarasota County School District is using a new, Web-based software program that gives parents real-time access to their child's grades and attendance records. By next semester, all district high schools will be using the program.
  • Scientists are turning to cell phone technology to get a better understanding of migratory patterns. Ornithologists at Oregon State University plan to attach tiny mobile phones to songbirds, allowing them to monitor the birds' migration with unprecedented accuracy.