T&L News(38)

  • Virtual School's in for the Summer
    Not everyone is in "schools out for the summer" mode. This summer, more than 600 students are taking one of the 12 online courses offered by the Mississippi Department of Education's Virtual School.
  • A Computer Science Education Crisis?
    A new report from the Computer Science Teachers Association argues that the U.S. is failing to prepare its students for a technology-driven world by failing to teach them the principles of computer science.
  • Data Systems Making a Difference
    School systems across the country are beginning to realize the benefits of new technology tools that provide detailed information about individual student performance.
  • More Evidence for Multitasking
    According to a new report, more than 80% of U.S. teens surveyed said they spent at least one hour a day of out of school time online, often simultaneously doing homework or talking on the phone.
  • Robots Face Off in Soccer Championship
    Teams of two-legged, four legged and wheeled robots from 40 countries will take to the soccer field in the 10th annual RoboCup, testing theories of AI and robotic design-principles.