TL News(4)

  • NetDay’s third annual Speak Up Day will be open for input from October 21 through November 18. This year the annual event will invite both teachers and students to share their views on technology use with the national education community. Learn how to participate.
  • Detroit is joining the ranks of districts experimenting with one-to-one computing programs. The 240 freshmen students at the new Detroit Digital Learning Community High School will each receive a laptop computer to use in their small schools’ wireless environment.
  • Since 1997, Miami-Dade’s FamilyTech program has provided free home computers to more than 6,000 students at 13 elementary schools in low-income neighborhoods. In addition, more than 450 computers have been placed in classrooms, and about 180 teachers have received training.
  • The Wyoming E-Academy of Virtual Learning will start out by offering students across Wyoming access to about 15 AP subjects. Students will also have face-to-face mentors who can support their learning. Read about the model.
  • The new Deanburn Primary School is believed to be the first eco-friendly school in Scotland. The building has roofs covered in grass, walls that breath, a rainwater collection system that recycles water, a wind turbine that generates power and its own weather station.