T&L News(43)

  • CA Schools To Get Technology Windfall
    The California Department of Education is preparing to distribute more than $400 million that eligible schools can use to purchase computer hardware, software, networking infrastructure, IT services and professional development.
  • Multitasking Does Hinder Learning
    New research indicates that students who multitask while learning my have more difficulty retrieving and using what they have learned.
  • College-District Partnership Benefits Students All Around
    Lehigh Valley College donated 15 workstations to neighboring Phillipsburg School District and six students from its PC networking program to install them and build a wireless network.
  • Technical Focus in High School Helps lead Students to Higher Education
    The National Center for Education Statistics has issued a new report that indicates that the federal policy of encouraging stronger secondary–postsecondary linkages for high school students who participate in career and technical education (CTE) courses is working.
  • Drivers Can Now Do E-Mail
    iLane offers drivers a voice-based interface to access e-mail messages and attachments, phone calls, SMS messages and calendar appointments while driving.