T&L News(45)

  • Robots Engage Students
    Pittsburg-area educators hope to use children's fascination with robots to get their students more engaged in math and science and motivate them to pursue careers in science and technology
  • Parents Need Help To Keep Children Internet Safe
    Most parents believe that they bear the prime responsibility for being sure that their children are safe online, but many are not sure they are up to the task
  • Teens Seem Confused about Some Aspects of Copyright
    While many teens acknowledge that downloading music or DVDs for free is illegal, they feel differently about making a copy of music or movies they own to share with friends.
  • Broward Implements High-Tech ID System
    Broward County (FL) is implementing a new computerized identification system — called Security Tracking and Response, or STAR — for the new school year. STAR will run background checks on all visitors to school campuses who come in contact with students
  • Electronics a Big Part of Back-to-School Spending
    Back-to-school spending is expected to reach a record $17.6 billion for the 2006 school year, including $3.8 billion for electronics like computers and calculators.