T&L News(58)

  • Laptops Come to OR Elementary School
    After two years of planning and preparation, Eugene's Howard Elementary School has issued all of its 3rd through 5th grade students their own laptop computers.
  • Testing the Potential of "iPodagogy"
    In Australia, the Victoria Education Department has launched a pilot to examine students' engagement with the iPod as a learning tool both in and outside school.
  • District Looks at Move to E-Books
    The Forney (TX) Independent School District has an ambitious plan to move to the exclusive use of electronic textbooks in all its 5th through 12th grade classrooms.
  • Students Take to Electronic Voting
    Students at Taylor Elementary School in Arlington, VA became the first in the county school system to cast their votes for student council members electronically.
  • Welsh Libraries To Dispense e-Learning
    The Gateways To Learning initiative, a project of the Welsh Ministry for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport, puts libraries at the heart of an effort to encourage more adults into lifelong learning.