T&L News(6)

  • Teachers in Jasper, Alberta will soon be using geographic information system (GIS) technology to help students find their way to learning, using new global positioning system units and donated GIS software.
  • Indiana’s new e-Transcript program, designed to allow high school students to submit their high school transcripts to colleges electronically, is the first comprehensive statewide electronic transcript program in the nation. Learn about its benefits.
  • Using a $1.5 million federal grant, the California State Library is providing free online homework help and tutoring services to 29 of the state’s public library systems, helping to fill the gap for students whose families can’t afford to pay for private tutoring.
  • Technology is making it easier for parents to keep in touch with what is happening with their children at school and improving the usefulness of the traditional parent teacher conference. Learn more.
  • Philips LCD and E Ink have built a 10.1" flexible electronic paper display, the world's largest high-resolution flexible electronic paper display to date. Like paper, the display can be flexed and rolled and can be read in any lighting condition and at any viewing angle.