T&L News(64)

  • Teachers Catch Up on Tech Skills
    Teachers from Indiana's Center Grove School District were able to hone their technology skills at the district's first ever Technology Day, learning how to better use technology already available in their schools.
  • Celebrate Teaching and Learning
    Thirteen/WNET and WLIW21 New York Public Television are hosting the 2nd annual Celebration of Teaching & Learning, a two-day professional development event focused on science and global awareness
  • Students Refurbish Computers
    Students in the Information Technology program at the Stanford Regional Vocational Center work in a high tech lab where they each have their own high performance networked workstation, but they also learn to refurbish old computers.
  • UK Government Pledges to Bridge the Digital Divide
    Concerned that many students are unable to access the Internet except when in school, the U.K. government is urging a united effort to provide home or after-school club access for all students.
  • What Will Replace the Laptop?
    Before a small, mobile handheld device can truly replace the laptop computer, a few problems – keyboard, display, battery life — have to be solved.