TL News(7)

  • IPods Help Students Learn Languages
    Moorestown Friends High School is using one of today’s hottest media devices to help students acquire foreign language skills, proving students in 12 French and Spanish classes with iPods to use to practice speaking and improve pronunciation.
  • Computer Ties Together Third Graders’ Big Project
    Rayna Freedman, third grade teacher at Mansfield’s Jordan/Jackson School, uses the computer to tie together the elements of a project that helps her students understand the connections between reading, writing, poetry, critical thinking, art and theater.
  • Maine To Renew Middle School Laptop Program
    Maine’s Education Committee has decided to extend the state’s program that provides laptops for all 7th and 8th grade students for another four years, at a cost of $10 million per year.
  • German and American Students Meet via Videoconference
    Students in the AP Economics class at Pomona’s Ganesha High School recently participated in a videoconference with students taking a similar course in Kulmach, Germany. Learn what they shared.
  • Something in the Air for Cambridge
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced plans to extend a broadband wireless network in use on the campus to the entire city of Cambridge.