T&L News(72)

  • Districts Move Check Registers Online
    A number of Texas school districts have begun to post their check registers online, thereby avoiding the state's rule that they must spend a minimum of 65% of their funds for instruction.
  • Focus on Digital Media
    As part of its ongoing Digital Media Youth Initiative, Global Kids is planning a series of online dialogues encouraging teens to discuss their views on digital media and society.
  • Grading Technology Literacy
    The Illinois State Board of Education has begun to grapple with how it will document the technology literacy skills of its 8th grade students.
  • Utah Looks at K-8 Virtual School
    Utah is looking at the possibility of extending its very successful Electronic High School model to elementary school students.
  • Economic Benefits of IT
    A new report from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) concludes that information and communications technology is responsible for generating the lion's share of economic growth and prosperity.