T&L News(84)

Week of: July 2, 2007

  • UK Research Says Technology Works
    U.K. schools that used high levels of technology as an integral part of learning were able to dramatically improved student performance, according to new research.
  • Programming from Scratch
    Students at Jonas Clarke Middle School spent the using a new programming language from MIT - Scratch - to create dynamic programs well beyond their years.
  • One-in-Three Teens Bullied Online
    Roughly one-third of all teenagers who use the Internet say they have experienced some degree of cyberbullying, ranging from the relatively benign to truly threatening.
  • Plagiarism Lesson Learned the Hard Way
    Some Maryland students were surprised to find photos they had posted to their Facebook pages printed in the school yearbook.
  • America Faltering on Internet Speed and Access
    According to "Speed Matters," the median download speed in the United States is 1.9 megabits per second (mbps). In Japan, the median download speed is 61 mbps, or 30 times faster.