T&L News(87)

Week of: July 23, 2007

  • Laptop Plans Hinge on Grant Success
    Midland Valley High School, in Langley S.C. has applied for a $1 million grant that would allow it to provide students in the school's new Freshman Academy with their own laptop computers.
  • School Safety Index
    According to the School Safety Index, American public schools are currently having greater success with cyber security than physical security.
  • South Carolina Examines the Feasibility Online Testing
    While online testing has a number of advantages, it doesn't come cheap. It could cost South Carolina as much as $58 million to move its testing program totally online.
  • Teens Find E-mail Old Hat
    According to some teenagers, e-mail is dead. They prefer communicating with friends via a combination of text and instant messages and communication on social networks.
  • FactSpotter Uses Semantic Analysis
    FactSpotter is a new search engine that uses semantics to analyze the meaning behind a question in order to return more relevant information more quickly.