T&L News(90)

  • New Technology Bill Introduced in the Senate
    ATTAIN (Achievement Through Technology and Innovation), a revamp of the existing Enhancing Education Through Technology (Title II, Part D) program, was introduced in the Senate last week.
  • Teacher in Space
    After 21 years, Barbara Morgan, NASA's first official educator astronaut, finally reached space as Endeavour successfully launched for its international space station construction mission.
  • Cobb To Pilot 21st Century Classrooms
    Nine Cobb County GA schools will be outfitted as 21st Century Classrooms, equipped with the latest electronic teaching tools as part of a $3.7 million pilot project.
  • Billionaire Promises Laptops to Mexico
    Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire has promised to donate 250,000 laptop computers to Mexican school children by the end of 2007 and another I million laptops in 2008.
  • Ball State Expands Digital Media Repository
    Ball State University is in the process of adding high-definition TV to its Digital Media Repository, a massive collection of digital content the University stores and manages.