Top 10 Online Stories, October 2012

1 Help for Educators Who Want to Differentiate Student Learning This School Year
Lisa Nielsen shares tools and resources that make it possible to help each student achieve and demonstrate deeper learning.

2 Criteria for Selecting Student Mobile Learning Devices
Regardless of whether the school supplies its own devices or whether students supply their own, Harry Tuttle believes there are some basic minimal selection requirements.

3 Product Review: LiveBook and LivePlanner
T&L reviewer MaryAnn Karre evaluates these unique publishing tools from School Improvement Network.

4 Great Resources for All Educators
David Andrade welcomes teachers back to school with tips, resources, and help to get the school year started on a positive note.

5 20 Web 2.0 Sites Not Requiring Student Email
David Kapuler shares 20 Web 2.0 sites that do not require a student email address to create an account.

6 Nine Must-Have Free iPad Apps
Vicki Windman shares her picks for (free!) musthave apps for all iPads.

7 40 Sites for Educational Games
David Kapuler’s education game list offers a mix of subjects and grade levels.

8 108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom
Mike Gorman compiles his “best of” word cloud tools.

9 Real Learning With Apps
Harry Tuttle suggests teachers use apps that show realworld uses of a subject area.

10 Is Your District Going 1:1?
Project Red seeks school districts in the early or middle stages of a 1:1 implementation.