Top 10 Web stories

Top 10 Web stories

1 21st Century Student Handbook

Lots of schools are talking about the importance of preparing their students for an increasingly interconnected, Webcentric world. Here are some districts that are “doing” it.

2 Top 10 Apps for Digital Storytelling

David Kapuler shares his favorite sites for Digital Storytelling.

3 The Problem with Assessment

What we can learn from this children’s story.

4 Free Apps to Find More Free Apps

Here is a list of apps that either offer reviews or give you free apps for the day.

5 iTunes U Could be Good for You

Bob Sprankle believes iTunes U has the potential to transform education more than the Apple’s digital textbook announcement.

6 Math in Daily Life

This Annenberg Interactives site asks the question, “How do numbers affect everyday decisions?”

7 Resource for Using Evernote in Education

Evernote is incredibly useful and easy-to-use, and once you start, you have no idea how you lived without it.

8 Video Tutorial: Adding a Website Icon to your iPad

Atomic Learning’s free video tutorial series demonstrates tutorials such as how to add a Web site icon to your iPad homescreen.

9 50 Sites in 60 Minutes, Volume Three

David Kapuler has compiled a collection of sites that can be used in a one-hour session of professional development.

10 103 Things to Do Before, During and After Reading

This article by reading guru James Burke is a compilation of activities to help students become more connected to what they read.