Top 10 Web stories, June 2011

1 Bring Your iPhone to Your Student- Teacher-Parent Conferences

Bob Sprankle suggests that teachers bring their smart devices to their next conference, the better to show parents what their students are doing in class.

2 Product Review: Webspiration Classroom Service

T&L test drives the latest tech tools and includes its reviews in reports like this one.

3 Banned Sites Week

Guest blogger Michelle Luhtala believes that we are at a critical juncture in the struggle against overzealous filtering in schools.

4 Top 10 Sites for Note Taking

David Kapuler picks sites that use some form of the Post-It, or “sticky,” but also integrate Web 2.0 technologies.

5 The Ultimate Web 2.0 Smackdown, at Tech Forum Boston

Lisa Thumann reports on the smackdown tools from her session.

6 Keep Gen Y Teachers Teaching

A report recently released by the American Federation of Teachers and the American Institutes for Research shows more than half again as many younger teachers leaving the profession as their older colleagues. How can you keep young teachers from leaving?

7 iPad Apps for Improving Your Executive Skills

Guest blogger Vicki Windman presents apps that offer an array of tools for staying on task and remembering what you have to do.

8 Design Apps to Die For

These tools are ideal for designing presentations, digital stories, wikis, Web sites, and whatever else we publish or broadcast.

9 Top 10 Self-Help Sites for Technology

David Kapuler picks tools that can help teachers and students become their own tech support.

10 Site of the Day: British Library: The Leonardo Notebook

Every day, T&L posts a new site, courtesy of netTrekker, that can supplement a variety of curricula.