Top Florida district chooses learning platform

At Nassau County School District in Northeast Florida, student performance on the state assessment system is exceptional, resulting in a district grade of "A." High expectations for all learners has resulted in 89 percent of all students graduating in 2010 with 79 percent of all students being "ready for college" based on SAT, ACT, and CPT scores. Ensuring that all students are well prepared for the future, however, calls for continuing to provide the best staff and instructional tools while facing tight state budgets. With the recent award of the Race to the Top grant, Nassau intends to adopt the RM Learning Platform to continue as a state top performer in the current economy.

The district of 11,161 students and 15 schools is facilitating assessment, teaching and learning and communication throughout the new learning community in order to encourage greater collaboration in producing and delivering personalized lessons.

"The Nassau County School District selected the RM Learning Platform because it met the requirements of "Race to the Top" and the Florida Local Improvement Instructional System standards," said Dr. Edward Turvey, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Nassau County School District.
"Our top three priorities are creating curriculum maps, developing assessments aligned to the common core standards, and accessing real-time student achievement data. We also wanted to reduce our overall costs in the economic downturn."

RM Learning Platform is a learning management system and education portal, designed for K-12 schools and districts and offering tools for planning and delivery of lessons.

"RM Learning Platform has proven to deliver strong results in our implementation in Scotland, the world's only nationwide learning platform implementation, and in a wide variety of schools in England" said Kevin Pawsey, CEO of RM Education, US. "It is exciting and gratifying to see a premier district like Nassau County adopt RM Learning Platform and we look forward to working closely with them to meet their goal of assuring that every student is well prepared for their future."