Top Ten Tech Toys for Education

From our friends at Gizmodo/UK

Whether you're teaching future engineers, mathematicians, or scientists, these are the educational toys that'll get your students' cogs turning. 

Kano Harry Potter coding kit, $124.99

Tech is basically magic, and this kit really brings that to life. You build your own wand, and use it to learn to code in simple steps with over 70 different tasks. The wand reacts to your movements, and once you've mastered the coding steps for different spells, you can start creating your own. [Accio / buy it here] 

Why this matters:

Learning stalls if teachers can't engage kids' attention fully.  From coding to robotics to music-making, these top edtech toys not only grab kids' attention, but also guide them in creating the tools they need to master tricky concepts in the classroom. Use these toys in a makerspace environment or as part of any STEM-focused lesson. To learn more about the top education tech toys and where to buy them, read the full article on Gizmodo/UK.