top10 Web Stories

top10 Web Stories

1 Five Common iPad App Questions Answered
There are many sites out there that provide app resources. Here are a few of Vicki Windman’s favorites.

2 From the Classroom: Best Tech Practice Video of the Week - Applied Differentiation
This video demonstrates applied differentiation, one of the strategies identified by researcher Robert Marzano.

3 How It’s Done: 20 Ways to Make Tech Work in Schools
Yes, tech does work. And what follows is how you can make it work, too. Feel free to forward to the doubters.

4 10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
David Andrade shares his list of 10 tech skills students need.

5 Use Any Web 2.0 Tool at Any Level of Bloom’s Taxnomy
Harry Tuttle writes about how today’s Web 2.0 tools follow Bloom’s Taxonomy.

6 Video Tutorial: How to Transform Shapes in Pages on the iPad
This short video walks you through step-by-step how to transform shapes in Pages on your iPad.

7 DAILY INSIGHT: The Little Things
SchoolCIO advisor Steven Baule asks: what do good teachers want IT leaders to know about the classroom?

8 Costs of Typical Online School
This chart breaks down the total costs of online education.

9 How to Create a Story Using Apps
Need to address the Core Standards in the area of writing? These apps will help you address the writing core standards on the elementary level.

10 Site of the Day: Interactive United States History Map
This interactive map site reviews the geographic features and regions of the US and includes a game for students to locate individual states.