Triumph Learning Partners with Access Innovations on Common Core Standards-Integrated Taxonomy

Triumph Learning LLC, a New York-based print and digital educational content company, has partnered with Access Innovations, Inc., provider of taxonomy development, to create a new taxonomy designed to align standards-based instructional content for all grades in the K– 12 education market.

To help Triumph Learning manage its content development more effectively, Access Innovations designed and built a structured vocabulary relevant for teaching mathematics and English language arts. The taxonomy contains terms reflecting concepts, skills, and learning standards in a hierarchical structure.

“Standards-aligned vocabulary provided one major axis for the integrated taxonomy,” noted Kirk Sanders, project manager at Access Innovations. “We tied Triumph’s robust publishing terminology with Common Core progressive standards in a dynamic new format that will make the content both more searchable and more discoverable.”

The Common Core State Standards provide concepts and terminology that Triumph Learning writers and editors can use to link pieces of content such as instruction and practice activities, as well as other supplemental material, to corresponding grade-level standards.

“By using Access Innovations expertise, we will be able to properly align our content for both teachers and students,” said Aoife Dempsey, Chief Technology Officer at Triumph Learning. “These new taxonomies, along with our back-end recommendation application, helps ensure that the right content, aligned to the right standards, gets to the right students.”

Using the taxonomy tools from Access Innovations, creator of the Data Harmony software suite, Triumph Learning can absorb state-specific standards to rapidly develop targeted products as individual states and educator groups seek curriculum materials based on the Common Core and other state standards.