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Try Firefox

Firefox 1.0 empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser. Three reasons given for the current interest in this browser are: security, the ability to create tabs, and the similarity of Mac and Windows versions. Firefox 1.0 enables the user to:

  • Place several bookmarks in a folder in the toolbar and open them all up into separate tabs at one time.
  • Monitor blogs and news sources through “favorites†or bookmarks.
  • Keep the computer safe from spyware.
  • Import favorites and live bookmarks.
  • Use the faster search with Smart Keywords with a Google toolbar.
  • Customize toolbars by dragging icons.

Firefox is a watered down version of the Mozilla Suite and does not contain Email, chat, or Web design features. Check out Thunderbird for Email for speed, ease of blocking pop-ups site by site, and security (mainly from viruses). Read Craig’s full article, “My Browser of Choice — Firefoxâ€

Barbara added: You can even download themes for Firefox and Thunderbird to create a different look. I downloaded Walnut for Firefox to add a homey look to my browser.

Submitted by:Craig Nansen