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USB Webcam

 Califone International, Inc., announces the launch of its USB webcam.
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Califone International, Inc., announces the launch of its USB webcam. Windows and Mac compatible, the webcam features a built-in microphone and adjustable stand for desktop or computer mounting.

The USB webcam allows students and educators to share photos and videos, and stream live video to international classrooms and participate in online courses. The USB Webcam (CW1) is available for $35.



USB Hubs

Question: What is the best type of USB Hub to purchase? The IT Guy says: Most if not all USB hubs are going to be “powered” hubs, which means they plug into electricity to allow multiple USB devices which draw their power from the USB cable to successfully connect to your computer. The main discriminators in

Califone Releases USB Microphone

Califone International, Inc. announces the launch of the USB Microphone, which connects to a USB port to provide high quality voice amplification through a computer’s built-in or connected external speakers. The new handheld microphone delivers crisp, clear audio, and enables voice amplification in classrooms, churches, meeting rooms and a variety of presentation settings. Students can use the microphone for call-and-response activities, while educators can incorporate the device into everyday classroom instruction. Creating call-and-response activities is an effective way to involve students in exercises to model vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and reinforces the English Language Arts speaking and listening portions of the Common Core State Standards.


Listen to the podcast Question: What is the difference between USB and USB 2? The IT Guy says: USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is the flat-shaped port that all computers have now, often as many as four or more. It is where you plug in digital cameras, thumb drives, scanners, printers, and a

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New desktop speakers

Califone  International, Inc., announces the launch of its new desktop computer speakers designed for classroom use.

Virtualization With USB

 NComputing Inc. today announced the industry’s first USB-connected virtual desktop client and the release of its fifth-generation vSpace   desktop virtualization software.