Users changing IP addresses

Question: Can a user change his or her IP address location?

The IT Guy says:
Technically speaking, it is possible to change the IP address that your computer is using, yes. However, the Internet Service Provider’s router must be configured to accept your IP settings, and that is not something a casual user can generally do, especially with the more advanced routers and firewall setups that most ISPs are using.

IP spoofing is a technique used by hackers to alter the TCP/IP packet headers so it looks like information they are sending is coming from a legitimate / trusted source on the network. IP spoofing is often used in common denial of service (DOS) attacks, to make the source(s) of the DOS harder to trace.

If your school network is set to detect network intrusions, like anyone running a packet sniffer, you should be able to deny access to those users by IP address. No one on your network other than an IT department staff member should have a legitimate reason to run a packet sniffer. These can be used to intercept network packets for many purposes, but one reason can be to spoof an IP address. For more in depth information about IP spoofing, refer to Matthew Tanase’s article "IP Spoofing: An Introduction". Matthew also includes some good tips on configuring your router and firewall setup to foil would-be IP spoofers.

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