Using Social Networking Tools in Class

Using Social Networking Tools in Class

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today released a new EdTechNext report for its members, titled "Social Networking: Personalized Content, Conversations & Communities." The report explores the educational potential of social networking tools and Web 2.0 applications. CoSN's Web 2.0 Leadership & Policy Initiative is designed to assist schools as they adapt to the new reality of the Web 2.0 world where collaborative online tools provide powerful learning resources for students inside the classroom and beyond.

To further the dialogue on the role of social networking and Web 2.0 tools in K-12 education, CoSN will host an interactive online forum on its Web site based on the members-only EdTechNext report. A link to the forum can be found on the Communities page of CoSN's Web site:

The EdTechNext report identifies and explains several types of social networking tools, including Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, Web platforms such as Ning and online tools like VoiceThread and SchoolTube. The report also provides examples of ways in which educators are using these applications to augment teaching and learning, and includes technical and education-related considerations for incorporating such tools in classroom curriculum.

CoSN's EdTechNext reports, which are made available to CoSN members, are a series of "mini-reports" developed to keep educators updated on emerging technologies and the latest trends in education technology.

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