Vernier Announces Data-Collection Workshop Series for STEM Educators

Starting this September, Vernier Software & Technology will offer 38 free, hands-on regional workshops to help science and STEM educators learn various ways to integrate data-collection technology into their curriculum. Each four-hour workshop will be led by an experienced training specialist who will help both novice and seasoned educators alike explore classroom-ready experiments using Vernier’s line of computer and handheld technology.

Interested educators can select dates from the schedule below.

September 2014 Workshop Dates and Locations

September 9: Houston, TX

September 10: Houston, TX

September 11: San Antonio, TX

September 13, San Antonio, TX

September 15: Dallas, TX

September 16: Dallas, TX

September 23: Tulsa, OK

September 24: Oklahoma City, OK

September 25: Wichita, KS

September 27: Topeka, KS

September 29: Kansas City, MO

October 2014 Workshop Dates and Locations

October 2: St. Louis, MO

October 4: Lincoln, NE

October 4: St. Louis, MO

October 6: Sioux Falls, SD

October 6: Evansville, IN

October 8: Minneapolis, MN

October 8: Louisville, KY

October 9: Lexington, KY

October 9: Minneapolis, MN

October 14: Portsmouth, NH

October 15: Boston, MA

October 16: Boston, MA

October 18: Providence, RI

October 21: Detroit, MI

October 22: Toledo, OH

October 23: Cleveland, OH

October 25: Pittsburgh, PA

October 28: Indianapolis, IN

October 29: Albany, NY

October 29: Cincinnati, OH

October 30: Rochester, NY

October 30: Columbus, OH

November 2014 Workshop Dates and Locations

November 1: Chicago, IL

November 1: Buffalo, NY

November 3: Chicago, IL

November 4: Milwaukee, WI

November 5: Madison, WI

For complete details and to register for a Vernier workshop, visit