Vernier Software & Technology Launches Two New Physiology Tools

Vernier software logo (drawing of slide rule)
(Image credit: Vernier)

Vernier Software & Technology recently launched the Go Direct Spirometer and Go Direct Blood Pressure sensors to engage students in hands-on data collection. These new sensors join the suite of technology and curriculum resources for high school and college-level physiology which includes 11 Go Direct sensors and the recently-published Human Physiology Experiments lab book.  

With the Go Direct Spirometer, students can record human respiratory flow rate and volume via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB. The sensor can also be used to measure air pressure and respiration rate. 

With the Go Direct Blood Pressure, students can record blood pressure parameters on a computer, Chromebook™, or mobile device. Using the oscillometric method to calculate blood pressure non-invasively, students  attach the cuff to the subject, connect the sensor to a device running the Graphical Analysis™ 4 app, pump up the cuff, and watch as the sensor automatically records blood pressure parameters as the cuff pressure decreases. Students can use the sensor to collect data on mean arterial blood pressure, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate.  

The Human Physiology Experiments lab book contains 14 ready-to-use experiments—including Introduction to Electromyography, Simple Neuromuscular Reflexes, Blood Flow and Skin Temperature, and Effect of Exercise on Oxygen Usage—designed to encourage students to explore the physiology of various human organ systems.

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