VHS Learning Offers Help to Schools Facing School Closures Due to COVID-19

Row of colorful books with electronic book reader
(Image credit: iStock/AndreyKrav)

VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.), nationwide provider of supplemental e-learning for high school students, announced its support for schools facing closure due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Schools forced to close for health reasons and schools currently creating contingency plans can use VHS Learning services and support to keep students on track and help students and teachers stay connected. The organization currently partners with more than 660 schools worldwide, in 40 states and 44 countries.  

Services offered by VHS Learning include:

  • More than 220 online course options
  • Online course platform for communication between students and faculty
  • Training for teachers new to online learning
  • Orientation for students new to online learning
  • Professional development and systems for administering an online program and monitoring student progress
  • Consultation on e-learning strategy and best practices

To find out more visit: https://vhslearning.org/online-learning-during-school-closures, or contact VHS Learning directly at info@VHSLearning.org or 978.897.900.