Virginia Tech Group Offers Streaming Audio Book Opportunity to Members

Tales2Go, provider of streaming audio book service for schools announced today its partnership with VSTE, the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, to offer a group buying opportunity for VSTE members. An affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (“ISTE”), VSTE’s mission is to promote professional development opportunities as well as identify and source cutting edge technology solutions for Virginia educators.

Tales2Go streams thousands of audio books and stories to desktops and mobile devices.

“Tales2Go has reinvented the delivery of audio books, giving Virginia schools and districts an innovative tool to spark student excitement about reading and leverage existing mobile technology investments,” says Karen Richardson, Executive Director of VSTE. She adds, “Almost nothing is more important than getting students excited about and skilled at reading, since reading is a critical pathway to overall learning in school and life.”

Many current subscribers use Tales2Go in concert with printed text, bringing oral and decoding skills together. In fact, a recent study showed that student achievement increased measurably when a listening component was added to reading instruction.