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Bookmarks are the currency of the web. We use them to remember and return to web sites we visit on the Internet. is a similar idea, except it helps you catalog and remember and share images you find on the web.

Using the bookmarklet, you can invoke the tool on any page. Once invoked you are presented with a toolbar at the top of your browser that allows you to click on specific images on a web page and add them to your collection. As you select images you are prompted to note source of the image and can add additional information that you want to remember along with the image. In addition, you can also add tags that help you categorize the images you save. All in all, a nice tool to remember and catalog web images.



Social Bookmarking

Since the introduction of the web browser, folks have used bookmarks or favorites to help catalog and remember places on the web. Social Bookmaking allows one to utilize a web-based tool to save and catalog sites using keywords or tags. Another feature is the ability to share your bookmarks with others. For example a

Looking for a Specific Person? Place? Image? Movie?

Tip: Students compiling projects will adore this search tool, sponsored by Go to A9. On the homepage is a search box and a series of checkboxes. “Web” and “Images” are checked by default, but may be unchecked. In addition, users may check:

Image Embellisher

Tip: Why just use a picture the way it normally looks? How about changing your picture so it looks like a cube, say, or something else? Go to to find several Free Web Tools including Image Embellisher. Select an Image Effect (cube, sphere, cylinder, disc, wave, glass cube, marble Bookmarks and Favorites

Tip: Would you like to keep your favorites online and also have access to other people’s favorites? is a collection of favorites — yours and everyone else’s. Use to: Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more on and access

How To: Find Good Sources of Online Images

A picture doesn't have to be a thousand searches. The Internet is a natural place to look for images that teachers can use in lessons and students can use in projects and assignments. What sources are there for finding appropriate images? Google, Yahoo, AltaVista — many of these popular search engines offer