Vive Studios’ Latest Production, T. Rex: Skeleton Crew, Launches On Viveport Infinity

Tyrannosaurus rex illustration
(Image credit: HTC VIVE)

VIVE Studios, HTC VIVE’s content development and publishing division, and VIVE Arts, today announced  the availability of its newest interactive education title, T.rex: Skeleton Crew, on Viveport and Viveport Infinity. Created in collaboration with the American Museum of National History for its major exhibition, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, VIVE Studios’ latest production allows users to interact with the popular exhibit experience in their own homes. 

Developed by Immersion, this interactive VR experience invites users to reconstruct a T. rex as they learn about one of the world’s greatest predators. Once fully reconstructed, users are transported to pre-historic Montana where the T. rex once roamed, and users can witness T. rex come to life before their very eyes. 

Additional features of VIVE Studios’ newest title include:

  • An interactive and humorous guided tour from the museum exhibition’s curator, Dr. Mark Norell
  • New educational content about the T.rex, including historic facts, archival videos and animations

T. Rex: Skeleton Crew is now available to download world-wide, in both English and Chinese languages for the HTC VIVE on Viveport Infinity, Viveport’s unlimited VR subscription service, and for $4.99 on the Viveport store.