Website keeps schools' progress in public eye

NC Mariner and Anson County Schools announces the roll out district's Strategic Commitments Performance Dashboard, a website for parents, teachers, administrators and the community that enables all to monitor student and school district performance. Anson County Schools' dashboard gives 24/7 access to critical school district data in a single location.

The dashboard is critical to the delivery of Anson County Schools' mission of All means all, providing each student with the type of education he or she needs to be successful in life. With the use of grant funding, Anson County Schools is building programs and infrastructure to improve student achievement and district transparency. The dashboard, built with Mariner¹s SeeChange Community, presents information in easy-to-understand scorecards using Microsoft technology, including SharePoint and SQL Server. The dashboard is designed to be easy for everyone to use from an Internet browser without any special software or computer skills.

The Strategic Commitments dashboard was presented at the January 31, 2011 Board of Education meeting and was met with enthusiasm by the district board members. "This is great, we are now able to make public our progress, our improvement for our community and future businesses to see. I am really excited and pleased with administration for making this happen," commented Board Member Russell Sikes.

"Using our Strategic Commitments Dashboard and sharing it with the community and School Board allows all of us to be active participants in the process of continuous improvements in the district. Our goal is to make and the invisible visible, making sure every decision supports teachers and student¬ in every school and for every student," remarked Dr. Greg Firn, Superintendent, Anson County Schools.

The Strategic Commitments Performance Dashboard is designed to:

* Communicate ACS's organizational performance in real time
* Make two-way dialogue a priority; Provide transparency
* Demonstrate accountability and
* Accelerate student learning

"With a greater understanding of how students are doing, parents, teachers, administrators and the community work together to ensure we are setting higher expectations for our students and providing them with the education to meet and exceed those expectations," adds Dr. Firn.