Website Visitor Statistics

Question: How can I track information about the people who visit our school’s Website?

The IT Guy says:
There are many commercial services available that will provide this functionality, but there are also some free ones. One is TDS Stats. Visit the site to sign up for a free Web counter and the HTML code needed to allow you to view a variety of information about your Website’s visitors. This can include statistics about: the number of unique visitors to your Website in a given time period, where people linked to your Website from, which search engines people used to link to you, what pages on your Website are the most popular, the keywords people use to search for when locating your Website, and more. Currently the service tracks up to 20,000 “impressions†per day from your Website, so if your site receives less than 20,000 page visits per day (likely for most school Websites) then this service could fit your needs well.

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