What is the WikiPedia?

Question: What is the WikiPedia, and can schools use the technology that it uses for student projects?

The IT Guy says:
The WikiPedia is an open source project that enlists the help of volunteers worldwide to help create and edit articles on an ever-growing list of topics. The WikiPedia includes topics most other “traditional” encyclopedias include, but also includes quite current, up to date information about many different issues. Thousands of people log on to view and update information on the WikiPedia every dayl.

The technology used by the WikiPedia is MediaWiki, a free open-source software project. Schools can and are using wiki software like MediaWiki for student collaborative projects. Another popular way to create Wikis for student use is through Moodle, the open source course management system. Wikis track the specific changes that different users make to pages, enabling others to see individual contributions and also to repair acts of virtual vandalism as well as errors of fact or opinion with a few mouse clicks.

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