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What You Don’t Know About Mobile Device Liability Can Cost Real Money [Infographic]

As the number of mobile devices increases in schools and districts, so does the financial liability attached to them. Here's a handy resource center to help you understand your options for managing this liability.
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Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, other tablets, and smartphones are essential tools for digital learning. As these devices increase in number in schools and districts, so does the financial liability attached to them. And, the responsibility of managing this liability belongs to building and district administrators.

Even though there has been a steady influx of mobile devices into schools in recent years, the trigger point for addressing the liability most often occurs with either a 1:1 initiative or a BYOD program when administrators look at their total cost of ownership. Specifically when estimating repair and replacement costs as students transport devices between home and school and the likelihood of accidental damage or loss increases.

Since many administrators are tackling this issue for the first time, let’s take a look at an infographic that highlights some essential facts about mobile device liability.

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Now that you have an overview of the scope of the problem, here is a deeper look at how schools and districts can manage this new financial liability. The white paper below from the Worth Ave. Group, a supplier of device insurance, examines the various types of coverage available for mobile devices and the pluses and minuses of each. 

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Click here to download "Insuring Electronic Devices."

The following short video is from Keith Rittenhouse, District Technology Director of Shelby City Schools in Richland County, Ohio. Keith shares his search for a way to “protect our investment [in technology], to protect our kids, and to protect our community” after purchasing a large number of Chromebooks. He talks about their district’s relationship with Worth Ave. Group. Check out what Keith has to say below.

The following chart illustrates the types of protection available from different sources: manufacturer’s warranties, extended service plans, and device insurance plans. You can quickly see that it’s important to understand coverage details. Accidental damage and loss are the leading causes of repair or replacement and whether or not a policy covers limited or unlimited claims is a significant issue.

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If you have found this information helpful in understanding your options for managing your mobile device liability and would like to know more about this issue, please contact Worth Ave. Group for more information here



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