What's New February 2009


Digital Photo Suite 2009
Price: $49.99
Category: web design tools
he Digital Photo Suite 2009 makes it simple to organize, enhance, and share photos. Combining the tagging and sorting features of Serif’s new AlbumPlus X3 with the image stitching of PanoramaPlus 3 and other one-click image editing tools, Digital Photo Suite enables teachers to create projects with photos from class projects, trips, and other school events. AlbumPlus X3 streamlines the process of searching a personal image library. The one-click enhancement tools also enables users to give portrait subjects quick makeovers.

Logger Lite for Dell’s Mini 9

Price: Free
Category: science, data collection
Vernier has released a free version of their Logger Lite software for the Dell-powered Inspirion Mini 9. Logger Lite provides fundamental graphing and analysis tools for K-12 science students. Combined with Vernier probeware, Logger Lite gives students the ability to draw predictions, collect real-world data, and make conclusions based on their analyses. Both a Windows XP and a Linux version of the software are available for free downloading from www.vernier.com/netbooks.

Ginger Spell
Price: available to schools at no cost through the end of the 2008-09 school year
Category: writing
Ginger Software launched the free beta of Ginger Spell, a downloadable program that enables children and adults to write error-free texts independently. The program uses patent-pending technology to automatically correct spelling mistakes and misused words in a familiar Microsoft Word-based environment.

Hotmath live math tutoring
Price: less than $20 per hour
Category: math
Hotmath.com now has live online math tutoring. Live online math tutoring connects students instantly with professional math tutors, who offer help on topics ranging from pre-algebra to calculus. Communication takes place online through an interactive whiteboard where visual aids such as drawings, graphs, and mathematical steps can be displayed.

Typing Adventure
Price: starts at .50/student
Category: Keyboarding software
Adventure Jack and Jane are international explorers trying to recover rare artifacts from around the world. This adventure—created by a teacher--is the foundation of this typing tutor software, featuring more than 70 lessons, practices, and tests that include puzzles, games, and more. “Tiki Bob” records student scores tracks their progress.

Stanford 10 Online
Prices per student range from $11.99-$14.99
Category: online assessment
Stanford 10 Online is a multiple-choice assessment that helps educators determine student achievement in real time for grades 3 through 12. Online assessments allow for automated capture, real-time reporting and scoring, and immediate normative analysis.

Price: Free
Category: Email archiving
PrivacyVault is an email archiving solution that provides users with a simple search engine for all their email. Searches can be performed for a single PrivacyVault user retrieving their email or an administrator searching across an entire organization's email.

Lightspeed Systems Power Manager
Price: Power Manager is $10 per workstation
Category: power manager
Schools can manage network energy usage and costs with automated energy conversation. Power Manager monitors energy consumption and directs low-power states and shutdown times for all the computers on the network. Detailed reports document energy savings and return on investment.

Price: free
Category: social networking, college
This social networking Web site allows college students and high school seniors to sign up for a free Candidate account, through which they can set up a profile and post useful college-related information to topic and video forums. Registered users can vote for Candidates they like. If a Candidate earns enough votes to qualify for the Open or Restricted awards, they're in the running to win a scholarship (varying amounts from $1,000 to $5,000).

SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition)] software for a USB silicon bracelet
Price: $49
Category: authoring software
SMART Notebook SE software runs automatically from the bracelet, so there is no need to download or install it. With 2 GB of space (120 MB of which is used by SMART Notebook SE), the bracelet makes it easy for students to take homework, digital texts, multimedia and other important information with them wherever they go.


Creative Learning Systems introduces the Alternative Energy SmartLab. This technology lab engages students in both hands-on and research-based investigation into sources of alternative energy and provides the opportunity to create solutions that reduce energy consumption and conserve the earth's natural resources. The Alternative Energy SmartLab provides an overview of alternative and renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, hydrogen, and geothermal energy. Students then explore these areas in more depth, conducting independent research and designing demonstration projects. Students participate in extensive hands-on experimentation building solar-powered cars, designing wind-turbine propellers, using hydrogen fuel cells, and cooking with solar ovens.

The SnapStream Enterprise TV server can stream TV recordings from live TV and on-demand into the classroom over your school's LAN, something that until recently, only select universities could do. The program requires minimal upkeep and is simple to configure. Educators can schedule, search, and clip recordings from within the client link software and enhance your lesson plans with relevant TV content. SnapStream's technology is a cross between a DVR and a search engine in that it can record and search thousands of TV recordings; you save the trouble of having to transcribe, record and watch videos.

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation announces the Stylistic ST6012 slate tablet PC featuring the first embedded, biometric pre-boot authentication available on a slate, improved processor performance, and a new semi-rugged sleek exterior. The Stylistic ST6012 is less than one-inch thick with a 12.1-inch, anti-glare display. With its multifunction pen and indoor/outdoor display, the Stylistic ST6012 slate works like pen and paper offering the ability to write or sketch on the display, fill out digital forms, and enter data.

NewTek Inc. released the NewTek LiveSet Pack Volume 1, a series of five virtual sets designed for use with TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, and TriCaster BROADCAST portable live production and virtual set systems and VT [5] production suite. Inspired by major news, sports, and entertainment shows, the NewTek LiveSet Pack Volume 1 enhances live production with two-person sets. It also offers additional set locations to enable the inclusion of reporters or guests from a secondary reporting station and double box effects, which allows the background display to be either video or the virtual set environment.

Hitachi introduces the CP-WX11000 and CP-SX12000 3LCD projectors. The CP-WX11000 offers WXGA resolution, a 16:10 aspect ratio, and a brightness of 6,500 ANSI lumens. The CP-SX12000 provides a brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens and five optional lenses for various throw distances. The CP-SX12000 features a 2500:1 contrast ratio, while a variety of connectivity options are available, including DMI, BNC, DVI, RGB, composite, component, and S-video. Both models feature dust-resistant cooling system results in the filter running for 10,000 hours without maintenance.