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This Web-based file storage solution allows students and teachers to access files and documents, such as homework assignments or lesson plans securely from any location with Internet access.
Price: Licensing starts at $2.05 per student per year.
Grade Level: K-12
Curriculum: Cross-Curriculum

HOTCHALK is featuring 30 algebra video lessons—using Off-Road motorcycle racing—for teacher use in classroom and for student and parent use at home.
Price: Free
Category: Web-Based Math Lessons
Grade Level: 7-12
Curriculum: Math

An online community where teachers can keep kids engaged using interactive blogs, podcasts, and more.
Price: Free
Category: Online Learning Community
Grade Level: K-12
Curriculum: Cross-Curriculum

This math practice Web site provides more than 100 math skills featured in each grade level, 1,000 different types of questions, and an unlimited number of computer- generated problems.
Price: Starts at $9.95 per month, $79 per year
Category: Math Practice Web site
Grade Level: PreK-5
Curriculum: Math

Provides resources, maps, and hands-on activities.
Price: Free
Category: Web resources
Grade Level: K-12
Curriculum: Geography
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MySchoolAlerts sends real-time messages and alerts to any users' configured delivery methods.
Price: Free
Category: Emergency Notification System
Grade Level: K-12
Curriculum: n/a

The DataLink plug-in links data from external feeds, files, or databases to display realtime information.
Price: $995
Category: Data Management
Grade Level: K-12
Curriculum: n/a


Samsung Opto-Electronics America Inc. (www.samsungpresenterusa.com) has added audio capability to the Samsung SDP-850DX, SDP- 6500DXA, and UF-130DX document cameras. Current customers can simply download new software for their units at no additional cost. The document camera can be connected with any electronic whiteboard (Smart, Promethean, Interwrite, etc.) allowing annotation over the Viewer's full screen image using the whiteboard's software tools.

AVerMedia (www.avermedia-usa.com) releases the AVerVision SPB370 Platform Visual Presenter. Featuring a leading 5-megapixel sensor with 1080p HD output, the SPB370 produces clear, sharp live images. A fullmotion, 30-frames-per-second rate ensures moving objects can be viewed with little or no distortion. The 20X exclusive AVerOptical Zoom provides exceptional clarity when zooming in on small details or text, with a total zoom capability of 160X. The networking capability of the SPB370 allows users to connect to and view a live presentation through a location's local area network. Presenters even have the option of allowing the features of the document camera, such as annotation, zoom or image capture, to be controlled by remote LAN participants. A built-in Ethernet port allows users to control the SPB370 directly through a Web browser.

Califone (www.califone.com) announces Got It!, a wireless interactive student response system. The system compiles and stores six types of reports, including summary, grade, activity detail, historical, comparison, and semester reports. Got It! accommodates many different teaching styles and offers eight interactive modes, including quizzes, question and answer sessions and games. In addition, the open-source system can be used with any presentation screen, including document cameras and interactive whiteboards, and works with the most common application programs.

The Mead Interactive Whiteboard (www.meadboards.com) is a system comprised of a 77- inch projection screen, electronic media pen, and software suite. The whiteboard includes an on-board toolbar to access the most commonly used features, free software upgrades for the life of the product, and Encyclopedia of Britannica clip art and a 10-year warranty. This product represents Mead's second entry into the classroom technology arena. In July, Mead unveiled Mead Map, an interactive platform that helps students take and manage notes electronically.

Tangent (www.tangent.com) announces the Evergreen 17, an environmentally friendly desktop PC that provides substantial cost savings from its low power requirements and reduced maintenance. The Evergreen 17 comes with the Via Eden 1.0 GHz fan-less processor or the ViaC7 1.50 GHz low-noise fan. Schools can choose from Windows or Linux versions.

The Dukane Visual Presenter DVP505A (www.dukcorp.com) features a high-resolution color camera on a moveable, extendable arm that allows sweeping coverage of a large, backlit platform where documents or objects can be delivered to data projectors, displayed on plasma panels, or captured through a computer. The DVP has XGA computer output, auto focus, 12X Zoom (great for science classes), S-video and composite video outputs, and more.

AbleNet announces the release of Impulse (www.ablenetinc.com), the new Bluetooth technology access product specifically designed for persons with physical limitations. Impulse allows them to use any muscle surface (face, jaw, neck, arm, leg, etc.) to control their computer. Impulse uses an electrode to measure minute muscle contraction, allowing very small movements to control computer devices. Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows caregivers to attend to other needs without being hampered by wires or switch alignment. Bluetooth also allows the user to remain connected to the computer even while being transported short distances, such as going to another room.