When is Technology the Answer?

As technology coaches, we encourage teachers to use technology. However, sometimes teachers end up using technology when there are more appropriate types of resources. How do you help them decide when technology is the answer?

  • Do an assessment of the teacher’s level of proficiency.
  • Review the inventory of resources available.
  • Map the curriculum and existing units.
  • Analyze student data and samples of student work.
  • Meet with the teachers to determine where there are gaps in learning.
  • Develop a lesson that fills the gap and improves student learning.

Maybe 3rd grade students should not go online to read a book. I really like children reading real books. What I suggest:

  • Create a writing activity that has students using a word processor or presentation program.
  • Start a book review database.
  • If the author is living, set up an author chat.
  • Find age appropriate websites or create your own.

Textbook companies are providing entire curriculum materials including websites. You might find secondary students have the ability to create their own activities that extend the curriculum such as Jeopardy games, content websites, or video productions.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray